Learning Methodology

Learning Methodology

Knowledge, Media & Technology

We are imparting knowledge by leveraging media and technology. Knowledge has been derived from the subject matter experts, which is combined with animations and graphics to make learning more fun and finally technology which is used in developing application, accommodating numerous features and thus will help you to become a successful professional. Our course offers a unique blend of learning and testing methodology rather than just a one way discourse.

Student-centric Learning

CA Learning methodology focuses on the students’ aptitudes and goals. Our mission is to keep students in the centre of our teaching landscape and help them overcome challenges and get the desired results. This unique learning experience blends videos of experienced professors on each subject, their faculty notes and practice questions. Moreover, we have provided objective questions to check conceptual clarity of a student for each chapter at a granular level.

Anywhere, anytime learning

At CA Learning, we are determined to help students learn anywhere, anytime through programs customised to the needs of the students. Using our study planner, students can choose to learn at their own pace instead of rushing through the course according to the speed of a teacher which usually happens in a physical classroom setting. With some of the best professors in the country delivering lectures using world-class multi-media tools, the quality of our integrated course modules are very unique and we aspire to carve a niche for ourselves rather than follow the market and would like our students to be the same as well.

Saving time and effort while getting value for money

Although the benefits of this course are manifold, saving time, money and the effort of running from one class to another takes the limelight. CA Learning program is delivered with the aim to minimise the need for students to attend brick-and-mortar classrooms, for which they have to crisscross the city negotiating traffic jams and losing valuable time while paying high tuition fees.

Continuous Faculty Support

A robust feedback mechanism for students helps them track their progress while moving swiftly up the learning curve. The methodology attempts to ignite thoughts, resolve queries and assess students on various parameters. This includes an e-mail exchange facility between students and faculty and subject-wise webinars at regular intervals (yet to be launched). Assess your Preparation under Examination Condition by solving our three tests per subject of three hours each. The suggested answers are also in-built so that the student can think like an examiner and sub-consciously doesn’t commit the same mistake in the actual exam.

Complete Customised course content

The course content as per the ICAI’s syllabus is available in video format along with their notes, which are easily accessible on highly customized portable devices. Each course module is not only comprehensive and matches with the ICAI study material but has been designed to develop interest in the subject and is complemented with multiple-choice questions to enable self-assessment by the students.