Learning methodology

  • What is the method of teaching?

    Our methodology uses videos, presentations, webcasts and faculty notes to cover the entire syllabus. Some of the country’s best faculties have delivered the lectures. Their efforts would be complemented with notes and objective-type questions to help students thoroughly grasp every subject.

  • How can I save my time using this product?

    At CA Learning, we understand the value of time for students who are juggling between studies and work. This unique platform gives a student the freedom to study at the time of their choice and at the pace that they prefer. Students shall not be required to report at coaching centers. All they have to do is to watch the videos to grasp the subject and test their knowledge through the objective-type questions. So no more commuting from one class to another; the lectures are just a click away!

  • Are demo videos available?

    Yes. The demo classes are available on the website. Click here to watch the demo videos.

  • Do I need internet connectivity for the course?

    No. Course is provided in an offline mode so regular internet connectivity is not required but once in every 21 days for 10-15 minutes application needs internet so that latest amendments, notices, progress tracking, etc., can be informed to the students by CA Learning. If device is not connected to the internet for more than 21 days you will not be able to use the device till it is not provided internet connectivity. After every 15 days counting from the day device was connected to internet, a reminder will ask you to connect to internet till 21st day.

  • Value for money

  • Recorded classes readily available in market then why pay extra?

    Problems with available classes - Highly bad quality, no contact with faculty, not sure whether updated and reviewable.

    CA Learning course comprises of HD video lectures, MCQs, Three Mid-Term Assessment papers, facility of studying anywhere, anytime and at anyplace all together with a study planner to make learning fun and easy as well as assessments through regular testing.

  • How is it different from physical classes and satellite classes?

    This innovative method of teaching is of tremendous value to the students.

    • Students need not visit physical classes to learn. The entire course content is available in the palm of their hands.
    • In terms of money, this unique course costs only a fraction of what students end up paying for a physical / VSAT class.
    • We understand the challenges faced by the students who have to visit coaching centers even while they are completing their Articleship. This platform cuts the travelling time and reduces the stress of juggling between multiple locations each day. Thus, saving time and money, both at the same time.
    • No problem of clashing classes as planner is self-created by the student.
    • The video classes offered by CA Learning cover the entire syllabus without skipping out anything that is of importance to students, unlike many of the satellite classes that have a selective approach to teaching.
  • Course duration is less in comparison to physical classes.

    Table of content is exactly matched with each topic of ICAI study material. After various reviews our course offers what is needed by the student, nothing more and nothing less.

  • Academic and Technical Support

  • How will my queries get resolved?

    Students can send their queries through the software. Our team of expert professionals would respond to the queries. Besides, there would be monthly webinars on each subject to further help students learn at a fast pace (yet to be launched).

  • What technical support will be available to us?

    In case of any technical difficulties, students can always contact our technology experts on the following helpline number Toll Free 1800 120 0560 or +91 11 4278 7090.

  • Is there a helpdesk to answer my queries?

    Please feel free to reach out to us with your queries by calling on the helpline number and/or on an e-mail.

  • Do I get hard copy of the faculty notes?

    Faculty e-notes are available in the application and even the same can be downloaded from the application. On request hard copy can be made available at a reasonable cost. For the cost you can refer to product cost details page.

  • Attempt is after 2-3 years, is it too early to buy as there will be a lot of changes in the course?

    CA course is so vast that one should start studies from day one. Starting early will help you to have enough time to revise the course which most of the students don’t get during exams. Revised course can be availed at reasonable cost.

  • If pen drive is stolen; will you provide a new pen drive?

    Keeping pen drive safe is sole responsibility of the student. However it won’t run on any other system. A new pen drive will be provided at reasonable price.

  • Payment Plan

  • What is the mode of payment to be made?

    • Demand Drafts
    • Online Transfer
    • EMI based payment (as per bank guidelines)