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Transforming CA Learning

Chandiok's AddApptive Learning Solutions (CALS)

Chandiok’s AddApptive Learning Solutions (CALS) devoted to CA Learning provides a unique e-Learning study methodology to students preparing for CA Final Examinations of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). The study modules offered are accessible over various portable devices. Our CA Learning course content comes pre-loaded in a Pen Drive/SD Card and comprises of Video Lectures, Faculty Notes, Objective Questions and Mock Test Papers – all of these being easily accessible without the need for an Internet connection.

We are determined to bring the benefits of eLearning to the students and set a new benchmark in educational content and delivery. By breaking the barriers of learning, our effort is to create value and take knowledge directly to students, without them having to spend much time and effort in running from pillar to post.

CA Learning strives to achieve sustainable growth that is driven by the success of our students who are targeting the Chartered Accountancy examinations conducted by the ICAI. Our vision is based on our firm belief that every student is unique and deserves high-quality education that is delivered in a modern format that is easy to use.

At CA Learning, we recognise the need for Chartered Accountancy students to learn through a medium that saves time, energy and cost. We strive to partner and win together with our students and help them become successful Chartered Accountants and all rounded professionals.

Leveraging the Power of e-Learning without Internet: The internet connectivity is required only once in 21 days and that too for less than 10 minutes to track the progress and to download any recent amendments or updates from CA Learning.

Our mission is to help students get world-class education anywhere, anytime for a fraction of the cost of a physical class, without having to spend time, money and effort in commuting.

In November 2014, the early stage of our research and development we started with 10 students and attained promising upshot. It was piloted in 2015 and over the period with the immense support we are growing along with our students not just in India but overseas as well. Our student created history by securing All India Rank 24 in November 2015 CA Final Examination. Year 2016 came with bright fortune and now we are listed on CA Club India (only video lectures) and Snapdeal.

We believe the journey has just started and there is a lot that we have to achieve…